Chenguang Lu's Semantic Information Theory and Philosophy

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Semantic Information G Theory and Logical Bayesian Inference for Machine Learning

2017 The Semantic Information Method for Maximum Mutual Information and Maximum Likelihood of Tests, Estimations, and Mixture Models 
2012 GPS Information and Rate Tolerance - Clarifying Relationship between Rate Distortion and Complexity Distortion
2007 A Generalized Information Formula as Bridge between Shannon and Popper
2006 Subjective Information Measure and Rate Fidelity Theory
2003 Preface of Monograph: Color Mystery and Fundamental Questions in Philosophy

A Generalization of Shannon's Information Theory--The Information Theory Unifying Shannon and Popper's theories (Published on Int. J.of General Systems)

1997 Theory of Portfolio and Information Value Based on Incremental Entropy
1993 A Generalizaed Information Theory (in Chinese)

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