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Introduction to Lu's Theories

Lu's Theory of Aesthetics and Evolutionism--click to see some aesthetic papers

Evolution theory was brought into Aesthetics and Some views of Marx's Historic Materialism were extended to biology so that Darwin's evolution theory, aesthetics, and historic materialism can been unified.  The monograph "Mystery of beauty sense and evolution of needs" was published.

Preface of the Book in English

Pictures of many beautiful birds to illustrate that beauty sense reflects their food needs

A New Interpretation of Natural Beauty and Sexual Selection


A Symmetrical Model of Color Vision Created by Lu

It treats color vision mechanism as a fuzzy 3-8 decoder, can explain the evolution of color vision pictorially,  and can unify Young and Helmholtz's tri-pigment theory and Hering's opponent theory more naturally.

 Color Forum: http://survivor99.com/colorforum

Illustrating Opponent Process, Color Evolution, and Color Blindness by the Decoding Model of Color Vision

Lu's Theory of   Analyzing Philosophy

Analyzing ostensive definition by inverted spectrum,Lu proved that idealism and logic empiricism are thoroughly wrong. A new theory: analog-symbol theory is proposed. The monograph "Mystery of color vision and fundamental question" was published.

Preface in English

Pictures in the book




Lu's Generalized Information Theory

It is a natural extension of classical information theory and can subtly unify Shannon's information theory and Popper's theory of scientific evolution. A paper entitled "A generalization of Shannon's information theory" was published on Int. J. of General Systems, 28: (6) 453-490 1999. The monograph "A generalized information theory" was published.

A Generalized Information Formula as Bridge between Shannon and Popper 

Lu's Generalized Information Theory



Lu's Portfolio Theory

A different portfolio theory from Markowitz's theory and a different risk measure are provided. It is proved that risk is similar to noise. The monograph "The entropy theory of portfolio and information value--with discussions about risk control of stocks and futures" was published.

Lu's Portfolio Theory




Lu's Method for Solid Boolean Operations

It replaces complicated if-then language with continuous value logic so that the program is very short...

A Little-tattle: Fishing in Welland

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